Cost of Cyber Security for Enterprise with 500 Employee

Other XDR attempting 50% threat coverage

Army of people required for correlation and Remediation extra Total Annual Cost: $2.09M

aiXDRTM All-in-one with 99% threat coverage

Total Annual Cost: Less than 1/4th of the other XDR

*Inludes On-premise and Cloud Pass, Iaas & Saas (M365, GSuite, Salesforce, Zoom etc.) with industry Best CMD's "Continuous real-time Monitoring, Detection & Stopping the threat and breaches"

Who We Are

We enable MSPs, MSSPs, and IT teams to reduce cyber threat risks and their security stack complexity while greatly improving their ability to detect and block threats, and breaches at scale. Iyka augments and automates MSP and MSSP security services with an AI and ML-powered aiSIEM and aiXDR platform. It delivers gapless coverage by collecting telemetry from logs, identity management, networks, endpoints, clouds, and applications. It’s all enriched and analyzed in real-time with threat intelligence, AI and ML models built on behavioral analysis, and correlation engines to create reliable, transparent detections and alerts. Serving over 7,800 clients.