Desktop Services

Desktop Services

Iyka Team’s Desktop Services:

Our Approach to Meeting Your Goals

Iyka Team professionals will work in collaboration with UIC to confirm and refine an appropriate plan of action for each contracted service. Key elements of a typical project plan address staffing, internal and external contact/escalation lists, due diligence, needs analysis, knowledge transfer, communications protocol, processes/procedures, timelines and milestones, as well as other unique requirements.

Network Services Available to UIC

Iyka Team understands the importance of ensuring optimal and continual operation of client technology assets. Our infrastructure support services includes:

  • Network Design, Network Installation and Performance Tuning – Our team of talented network architects can assess current network topology, network protocol and network architecture and tailor these structures to best suit client needs. Network design takes into consideration unique network needs and requirements, providing fault tolerance and redundancy, so no data is lost.
  • Cable, Switch and Router Installation – Our certified engineers can run cable and connect your users to the network and configure all network devices to ensure maximum performance.
  • Storage Solutions – Our team helps your organization determine disk storage needs for backup, disaster recovery or regulatory compliance, design a cost‐effective network solution, and source the required hardware and software.

Value Proposition to UIC for Desktop Services

Rapid Response. Iyka Team offers a quick and efficient network assessment that covers comprehensive descriptions, analysis and recommendations on an organization’s IT assets: servers, workstations, printers, routers and switches, firewalls, bandwidth, data center IT management, data storage, security, critical applications, disaster recovery networking and business considerations. Iyka Team also provides consulting services to organizations in advance of, or after a compliance audit to resolve any network related issues with emphasis on documentation of existing process and procedure.

Comprehensive Approach. Iyka Team specifically provides comprehensive program management, warehousing and integration services, data, voice and video networks, basis maintenance and support services, local and wide area infrastructure, training, and staff development.

Successful Results. The Iyka Team staff guarantees unbridled excellence with unique experience in our diverse purview, addressing the management of organizations, programs, projects, infrastructure systems, and facilities and providing efficiency solutions at minimized cost and limited interference to the existing environment.

Planning Phase for Desktop Services

Iyka Team will work with UIC departments’ personnel to proactively plan for every aspect of a contracted service, from conception to completion. The Project Management Team will work with UIC departments to define measures of project success, governance structures, risk, issue and quality processes to be used on the project, and plan for any facilities and logistics issues. Deliverables from the Planning Phase will include the delineation of a communication protocol, transition plan, and working plan of action (to incorporate the aforementioned planning aspects).

Dispatch Processes for Desktop Services

The following represents an example of Iyka Team’ protocol related to the dispatch of IT services in the field.
Onsite Repairs:

  • Notification is sent to one of the assigned technicians via phone and/or email communication
  • Technician will confirm the work order page with Iyka team’s/UIC dispatch tool and receive all pertinent work order information
  • Technician contacts the customer and schedules a visit and establishes an on-site estimated time of arrival (ETA)
  • Work order is updated with the ETA, phone response labor posting and any additional comments
  • If the technician does not meet the ETA or on site contractual Service Level Agreement (SLA), the technician, Customer or Services Site Manager escalates the call to the Account Executive Manager

Onsite Activities:

  • Technician arrives on-site to resolve the problem with the parts that are deemed necessary ahead of time
  • If the technician does not have appropriate part needed for repair, technician places order
    1. If the system is under warranty, the part is ordered from the OEM
    2. If the system is out of warranty, but covered by a monthly maintenance contract, the part will be order by the support team to meet the SLA
    3. If the system is out of warranty, and not covered by a monthly maintenance contract, Iyka Team’s process is that the part will be order by the support team to meet the SLA and the cost of the part, plus the prearranged margin will be billed to such partner, following guidelines set forth and already in place with UIC
  • If the problem is resolved, the technician updates the customer and contacts Dispatch to close the work order
  • If the problem is not resolved within the required resolve metric, the technician notifies the Field Manager

Escalation Process for Desktop Services

To ensure timely resolution of potential issues, Iyka Team will establish strict escalation procedures to be tailored to individual client needs when required by the SLA.

Escalations are defined as all situations that surpass routine troubleshooting and/or the standard service procedures. All escalations requiring UIC involvement should be escalated verbally to the respective UIC Project Manager (PM) via phone, followed by a courtesy email for records. IM can replace a phone call for PMs preferring this method of contact. As with verbal communication, a courtesy email should follow all IM escalations. All escalations must be accompanied by a summary email. It is the responsibility of the Iyka Team to ensure all requested information is provided to the UIC PM.

The assigned Field Engineer is responsible for implementing the escalation of technical assistance; if a field engineer recognizes the need for assistance at the outset of a maintenance call, backup assistance will be requested immediately. In all instances, the engineers will work closely with the customer’s personnel in escalating maintenance routines in order to optimize system availability and ensure customer satisfaction.

The lead technician on location should acquire all necessary information before escalating to Iyka Team’s Management. When required, Iyka Team Management will discuss potential resolution with the UIC PM.

Escalations that may require UIC involvement include but are not limited to:

  • Damaged equipment
  • Incorrect quantity or missing equipment
  • Customer refusal of signoff
  • Contact unavailability
  • Site readiness
  • Customer service complaints
  • Any situation that results in delayed, late and/or cancelled services
  • Change of location requests
  • Service requests outside of defined service parameters
  • Dangerous, threatening or uncomfortable situations on location

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