IT Temporary Personnel

Contract KRS 102

Iyka Overall IT Value Proposition to
University of Illinois Systems.

IT Temporary Personnel

Iyka Enterprises, Inc. (Iyka) is an expert in cost-efficient Data Management and Big Data Analytics Service. Iyka offers the cost efficiencies through:

A five-step process to reduce deployment time up to 50% and save costs by up to 15% in staff augmentation of temporary IT personnel.

Use our proprietary and multiple patented product that provides Data Analytics and Data Discovery 80% faster and 2000% more accurate.

Iyka Solves These Types of ProblemsIyka Value Proposition to UIC IT Program Managers
Limited Budgets.
Not having control over ongoing IT budget cuts / flat funding.
No Surprises.
Use a proven process to help avoid costly change orders.
Scope Creep.
Not being able to track small changes add extra costs and delays into your IT project.
Scope Analysis.
Use a detailed scope analysis to identify high-risk areas and help mitigate any potential problems
Poor Communication.
Not hearing from your IT vendor until there is a problem.
Use a 3-point communications process to ensure a consistent flow of information.
Technology Changes.
Not having a plan for changes in technology, e.g., new operating system, that may require a complete IT system overhaul.
Proactive Consulting
Three Senior solutions architects with average of 25 years of experience are ready to provide regular consultation.
Success Metrics.
Not having an effective way to measure IT system performance.
Performance Metrics.
Use a process to develop Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) to ensure simple and effective IT performance benchmarks.

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