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Experience working in a team environment – Strong understanding and demonstration of the soft skills required in terms of professional ism, conduct and execution in a client- facing role – Experience in leading technical planning meetings – Strong experience with Agile development methodologies.

• 14+ years of web development experience
• 3+ years of ASP.Net C# MYC based web development experience using Visual Studio 2008 or higher
• 3+ years of experience with Agile development methodologies
• Recent (within 1 year) development in a team environment as a lead or senior developer of applications that supported more than 3,000 users and a Relational Database Management Systems (ROBMS) with more than 250 tables and 1 million total rows.
• 3+ years of experience in packaging and delivering software and documentation to a production environment.
• 3+ years of C# development experience
• 3+ years of Java Script development experience
• 3+ years of development experience with Cascading System Sheets (CSS)
• Experience on at least one software development project with a minimum of 1,000 automated unit tests.
• 4+ years of experience conducting analysis and design for med iu m to large enterprise systems.
• 3+ years of experience mitigating development risks, estimating tasks, creating coding standards and source control procedures.

Years of Experience: 14+
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