Software Applications Development

Software Applications Development

Services Offered in Business Software Development Category

  • IT Staffing
  • IT Applications Development

Iyka Value Proposition

UIC NeedIyka Response and Value Proposition
Key Areas for UIC Investments
(2016 - 2019)

  • Infrastructure and Public Facilities

  • Business and Workforce Development

  • Housing Development and Services

  • Non-Housing Services

  • Planning and Administration
Business Intelligence Improvements

  • Improved reports

  • Improved data interface management

  • Improved data coordination between 5
    strategic key areas

Mobile Apps

  • Business Intelligence

  • IT Risk Management
A UIC plan is to coordinate $150 million in resources in the above areas between 2016 and 2019.Iyka’s Enterprise products like middleware and Analytics:

  • Collects, organize, distributes, report, and monitor.

  • Reduce operating cost

  • Improves transparency

  • Improves security

Technologies used in business software development

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server (Standard, Enterprise, Express, Compact)
  • HTML, DHTML, CSS, Flash
  • JavaScript, VBScript, AJAX, jQuery
  • PHP, ASP, ASP.Net, MVC
  • Silverlight, WPF, WCF, Web Services
  • C#.Net, Visual Basic, VB.Net, VBA
  • MySQL, MS Access, Fox Pro, DB2
  • SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS, DTS)
  • Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), Active Reports
  • Infragistics, Component One
  • IBM AS/400 Series, IBM RPG/COBOL
  • Windows CE/Mobile 5.0+, .Net
  • Compact Framework
  • Label Matrix/Label View


To minimize IT risk, Iyka uses processes developed by the Program Management Institute (PMI)
The successes of Iyka team’s business application development projects are attributed to its staff and strict project methodologies. These processes help reduce deployment time by up to 70% and can help reduce costs up to 15%.

software applications development


We start by focusing on your business needs, defining solutions that ergonomically integrate software with existing or newly re-engineered processes. Our business analysts work with you in order to first define the business process and then improve the process by leveraging technology. Throughout this process, “Partner’s” analysts and architects develop prototype screens and reports in order to provide a visual means by which the requirements for the system are fully developed. This interactive process provides a solid understanding of the expected custom business software deliverable.

System Design and Build

  • Best of Breed. Iyka Teams’ system design architects utilize the best-of-breed design patterns and latest design technologies in order to develop the technical design and programming specifications for development. During the design process, an iterative approach to program construction is used.
  • Agile Development. This approach applies an agile development process by which business software components are delivered as features are completed. This shortened delivery cycle allows you to test the software and train users prior to total completion of the product.

System Testing and Implementation

KPIs. Iyka develops Key Performance Metrics for our IT software applications developments, such as:

  • Safety and Security of Codes
  • Software Speed
  • Computational Accuracy
  • Deployment Speed

This complete system test assures that the functionality and ergonomics of the system have been met. Once fully tested, an implementation and training plan are developed and executed.

Process Control and QA

The Iyka Team has developed a 3-step internal standards in order to assure the delivery and quality of our products. We use tools to generate formatted code, automated testing and code compliance monitoring. “Partner” combines a code compliance monitor with a build server assuring that all code is reviewed prior to building new features into the deliverable product.

Automated testing assures previously written code is not compromised due to new enhancements. Alerts are generated should previously tested features no longer work due to changes made to the code.

Results of Iyka QC Process:

  • Error-free software
  • Efficient computer coding
  • Multi-level software system security

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