In less than 5 years the digital universe will contain as many digital bits as there are stars in the physical universe.
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“No decision is left to chance.
Get up to 5x improvement in accuracy with our comprehensive analytics solutions.”
~ Poonam Gupta, President and CEO , Iyka Enterprises, Inc.

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Analytics Solutions for You


We enable organizations to conduct early stage data assessment, analysis, review, and production. No need to share sensitive or confidential data. We provide faster insight into your data.


We use behavior and text analytics in their original state, which enables real-time fraud detection. Never before possible, our solution provides a complete picture of all intelligence and proactively controls cost and prevents losses.

Risk Assessment

Achieve profitable growth and improve decision-making by considering all your business factors whether embedded in databases, reports, documents, social media, emails, etc.

Document Analysis

Discover meaningful ideas in a document while protecting sensitive information.
We enable you to browse millions of documents across various systems to gain meaningful insight.


We are a proud and dedicated team of subject matter experts that provide deep industry expertise and insight to our clients.

Health Care

Healthcare service providers, recipients, insurance, biotech, and pharmaceuticals.


Insurance, banking, credit union, mortgage, and others.


Service providers, carriers, equipment, and others.


Federal, state and local government. Fraud detection, transparency, planning, budgeting, safety and others.