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“In less than 5 years the digital universe will contain as many digital bits as there are stars in the physical universe.”

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5x Improvement in Accuracy!

At Iyka, we have decades of experience in Big Data analytics, evaluating bulk amounts of data to uncover correlations, hidden patterns, and other valuable insights. We use cutting-edge technology to analyze data and gain better comprehension from it immediately – an approach that more efficient and faster than conventional business intelligence solutions.

With our Big Data and analytics solutions, we aid in faster & better decision making that’s critical to any business. Leave no decision to chance; improve accuracy 5 times with our data analytics services. We empower your organization to lead the way with innovation and harnessing disruptive opportunities with risk mitigation.

Data Analytics Solutions for You

We are a leading Big Data solution providers in Illinois, helping businesses make data-driven insights an integral component of their organization culture. With this objective in mind, we offer comprehensive analytics solutions that include:


We empower businesses to perform data assessment, analysis, review and production at an early stage, providing faster insights for effective decision making.


Iyka data analytics solutions aid in fraud detection in real time, using text and behavior analytics in its existing form. Get a never-before, comprehensive picture of your business intelligence. Our solution also helps prevent losses & control costs in a proactive manner.

Document Analysis

We transform meaningful & usable data insights into documents that are easy to comprehend. Access millions of documents across different systems while protecting business-critical information.

Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is our forte, enabling organizations to improve decision making and achieve profits.

Industries We Serve

Our dedicated team of analytics experts provides deep insights to clients across various industries –

Health Care

Healthcare service providers, recipients, insurance, biotech, and pharmaceuticals.


Insurance, banking, credit union, mortgage, and others.


Service providers, carriers, equipment, and others.


Federal, state and local government. Fraud detection, transparency, planning, budgeting, safety and others.

Why Choose Iyka?

Iyka is the top Big Data solution providers in Illinois, and for good reasons:

  • Proven results across industries
  • 5x improvement in accuracy
  • Faster and better decision making with comprehensive analytics solutions
  • We prioritize results over algorithms
  • Effective data management, analysis, and reporting

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