What We Do

Iyka brings innovative products, solutions, and services that simplify technology and technology processes to serve commercial, educational, and government clients. Iyka is an experienced IT services provider in the following areas:

Next Generation Data Analytics

Next Generation Enterprise Data Analytics platform. Setup in days not in months and start analysis in real-time.

IT Services

KPI driven IT Consulting, Temporary Staffing, and Recruiting. With long term employee and client relations.

Software Development

Streamlining process with innovative solutions and innovative technologies.

Engineering Services

Enabling IoT innovations through front-end engineering for communication networks and IT modernization.
Our Awesomeness Proposition

We have handled multi-million dollar, multi-year contracts for government and commercial clients.


Iyka is proud to report that we have 78% repeat customers100% of our contracts have been on-time and within budget.


Our D&B Past performance is 98%. This is determined by client interviews, surveys, and contract verification. Our success is owed to our united teams, written policies & procedure.

Who We Serve

Iyka serves multiple industry sectors.


Iyka has served State, Local, and Federal governments in multiple contracts.


Iyka supports various education departments with real time Data monitoring.


Iyka’s Healthcare services include fraud detection, regulatory compliance, COVID-19 monitoring and control.


Iyka’s solutions are used for informed decisions, network monitoring, and behavior analytics.


Iyka’s risk analysis solutions help extract real value from uncertain data.
The Iyka Value
  • Use of a highly innovative software platform that empowers end users without the need of an IT department.
  • Strategic Supplier to Data Management Services
  • Risk Management through people, process, and tools.
  • Delivering highest quality data analytics in days, not in months.
Leader in High Preformance Data Analytics