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IT staffing that understands your needs and challenges.

IT Recruiting, and Professional Consulting Services.

“We are proud you chose us, now let’s make our world a better place.” Our focus is on an employee first philosophy.

Staffing Philosophy

Iyka’s philosophy towards staffing and recruiting is based on three fundamental pillars:

  1. Business needs and environment of our customer
  2. Employee’s skills, talents, challenges, and needs.
  3. Matching the total fit of the client’s environment with the right Employees.

We are proud of our ‘Employee First’ policy that is better than just being an “Equal Opportunity Employer.” Our commitment to identify what motivates and challenges our employees goes a long way in serving our clients.

We provide

Recruiting Services

Temporary Staffing for on-going IT support and maintenance

Temporary Staffing project-based IT support and maintenance

Unparalleled Services

At Iyka we believe that people are not rigid machines that perform based on education, experience, and measurable skills. Our most significant assets are our human capital that has talent, a preferred way of encouragement, limitations, and challenges in addition to educational background, technical skills, and experience.

We invest in the growth and support of human capital in the following ways that are much elaborated in our staffing and HR policies and programs. These policies are divided into two main segments:

  • Consultative approach to client needs
    We survey our clients short-term and long-term goals, team structures, challenges, and goals. It helps us provide a better match for their requirements.
  • Employees skills, talents, challenges, and needs:
    We perform surveys that review skills (technical and soft skills), talents, behavior, motivation, and challenges. This helps us provide better match with the clients’ needs.
Three reasons for choosing Iyka staffing and recruiting services:

Large Pool of Resources

Traditional and non-traditional large pool of resources through community involvement, various not-for-profit involvement, and University involvement.

Long term employee relations

We fund organizations that work towards physical and mental health programs that our employees take advantage of.

Long term client relations

We have 78% of clients as our repeat customers. A customer relationship manager is always in touch with the client, and acts as a consultant for our clients.
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