Iyka Joint Venture with National Technical Information Services

Iyka Provides Cutting-edge Data Science Services to Agencies Through NTIS Joint Venture Partnership

The Department of Commerce’s National Technical Information Service (NTIS) accelerates results across the Federal Government by leveraging data as a strategic asset to achieve mission outcomes. As a trusted Fed-to-Fed advisor, NTIS applies its unique joint venture partnership (JVP) authority to help federal agencies solve their complex data challenges. Through the JVP program, NTIS leverages its private-sector partners’ knowledge to create new ways of using data to solve problems and promote operational excellence through applied data science innovation in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

Joint Venture with National Technical Information Services

Poonam Gupta-Krishnan


Dr. Satyender Goel

Chief Health Informatics Officer

Robert Heriford

Chief Technology Officer

Christopher Cox

Federal Accounts Executive

Iyka Offerings through the NTIS JVP Program:


Our services provide seamless development of a comprehensive, secure, private, out-of-the-box informatics platform that can be used for diverse data-related products and services. We provide:

  • Enterprise Data Analytics Services Platform
  • Clinical Data Analytics Automation Platform
  • Technical program management
  • System and data evaluation
  • Data exchange assessments
  • Healthcare data analytics use cases
  • Infrastructure support
  • Organizational review
  • Data hosting and distribution services


Our expertise includes:

  • Health Data Infrastructure, Standards and Informatics
  • Big Data Ingestion
  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud Data Management
  • Data Linkage and Data Integration
  • Data Science and AI/ML
  • Privacy & Security Compliance
  • Third Party Tooling, and failsafe implementation

Keywords: Data Standards and Informatics, Data Registry, Data Analytics, Data Dashboards, Data Linkage and Data Integration, Data Science and AI/ML, Privacy & Security Compliance, Tableau and Salesforce implementation, Cloud Hosting, Big Data Ingestion.

Business and Executive Contact
Poonam Gupta-Krishnan


Health Data, AI/ML, Cloud infra Contact
Dr. Satyender Goel


Enterprise Data Analytics Contact
Robert Heriford


Federal Account Executive
Christopher Cox


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