State of Illinois Department of Central Management Services

Information Technology Resources Provider.
Master Contract: CMS7ITRPAO
Iyka’s Professional IT services can be purchased under Master Contract.

Contract Information

Contract Number: CMS7ITRPAO
Procurement Method (IFB, RFP, Small, etc.): IFB
IPB Ref.: # 22034078
Program Manager: Poonam Gupta-Krishnan
Contact email:
Contact phone: 630-372-3900 X 105
Contractor DUNS: 197451466

Functional Categories:
Iyka has been pre-qualified in each of the IT skill categories listed and described below.

  • Skill Category A – Application Development
    Iyka has experience in providing resource for application development in areas including such positions as Website Designer, Web Developer, Mobile Developer, SharePoint Developer, MS Access Developer, Adobe Developer, Software Developer, Senior Software Developer, Fleet System Developer, Application Deployment: Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Remedy System Developer, Remedy Force Developer, Mainframe Software Developer, Mobile Application Developers.
  • Skill Category B – Database Administration
    Iyka has experience in providing resource for database administration areas including such positions as: Database Designer; Enterprise Data Administrator; Enterprise Data Architect; and, Information Exchange Package Document (IEPD) Developer.
  • Skill Category C – Solutions Architecture
    Iyka has experience in providing resource for solutions architecture areas including such positions as: Microsoft Solution Architect; IBM Solution Architect; Adobe Solution Architect; Enterprise Content; Management Architect; Business Intelligence/Data Architect, SAP Enterprise Resource Planning Architect; Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System Integration Architect; Governance, Risk and Compliance Architect; and, Enterprise Change Management Solution Architect.
  • Skill Category D – Program Management Skill
    Iyka experience providing resources for program management areas including such positions as: Project Manager; Program Manager, Jr.; Business Analyst, Sr.; Business Analyst; Computer Engineer / Systems Analyst; and, Enterprise Architect.
  • Skill Category E -Technical Support
    Iyka has experience in providing resource for technical support areas including such positions as Technical Writers; Technology Trainers; Software Quality Assurance Specialists; Production Control Specialist; Data Analytics, IT Research, Management Consulting and other related IT consulting support roles.
  • Skill Category F – Security Management
    Iyka has experience in providing resources for security management areas including such positions as: Information Security Compliance Analyst; Security Vulnerability Analyst; Security Assessor; Application/Data Security Assessor; Disaster Recovery Services Specialist; Information Security Implementation Specialist; PKI Administrative Specialist; PKI Code Implementation Specialist; and, PKI Systems Analyst.

Iyka Federal Capability Statement

Iyka Overall Capability Statement

Iyka Advantage

Leader in High Preformance Data Analytics